George McGregor – Draughtsman

Thanks to Jim Smith, former Technical Manager at CSL for the following information on George McGregor a draughtsman who worked at the yard. 

When I arrived at the yard in 1973, George McGregor was probably in his mid to late fifties. I think he was there from 1968 and he helped me to settle into the job. He had learned his trade as a draughtsman in the Clyde yards. I can’t remember which ones although Barclay Curle springs to mind. George also spent some time at the ring netting out of Campbeltown. This combination of experience greatly assisted him in interpreting the requirements of the skippers. George produced many of the early General Arrangement and Steelwork drawings and had a distinctive style of draughting.

Jim Smith

Leslie Howarth, Jim Smith and George McGregor. Photo courtesy of Jim Smith.

Leslie Howarth, former managing director at CSL, also had some information to add about George:

George was a real gentleman, he was worth every penny we paid him. He was a local man who started out at the fishing and worked at that for a number of years, before working as a draughtsman at shipyards on the Clyde. When the shipyard opened I was brought in to work as a boat designer but was then was made up to manager. Stephen Wilson came to work at the yard as a designer and George as a draughtsman. Because he knew fishing inside out, George was able to sit down with the skippers; with the likes of Willie Campbell, when we started to built the Campbeltown 80 footers. He was a real asset to the yard.

Leslie Howarth

Drawing of the St Adrian KY245 (Yard No. 002) by George McGregor. Courtesy of David Tod.



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