A Wee Toon First

Apprentices, Campbeltown Shipyard. 1980, Campbeltown Courier, Courtesy of campbeltown Library.

A WEE TOON FIRST:  An article published in the Campbeltown Courier on 20th June, 1980, about apprenticeships at Campbeltown Shipyard. Leslie Howarth, former Managing Director at Campbeltown Shipyard, estimates that there would have been around 130 apprenticeships served at the yard between 1970 and 1990. We haven’t been able to put names to all of the faces so please get in touch if you can help with that. Cutting courtesy of Campbeltown Library. 

A WEE TOON FIRST:  Article published in the Campbeltown Courier on 20th June, 1980. Top photo L-R: Harry Card, Trainer at Snipefield, ?, Campbell McCallum, Lawrence Robertson, ?, John McLatchie, ?, Robert Auld, ?, ?,Rab Wilson, Ally Anderson and Trevor Perkins. Bottom photo: Roberta Auld and Rab Wilson. Courtesy of Campbeltown Library. 

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