Valhalla Rides in to a party

This article was published in Fishing News on 2nd April 1982, about two Campbeltown-built boats, The Valhalla III LH 67 (Yard No. 59) and the Auriga II LH 499 (Yard No. 58). Auriga II was built in 1981 for Skipper Jim Vanko and Valhalla was built in 1982 for Skipper Robert Veitch, both of Eyemouth. This cutting comes to us courtesy of Leslie Howarth.

‘Valhalla’ rides in to a party

The latest in Eyemouth’s ‘millionaire class’ – the 80 ft steel Valhalla III (below) for Skipper Robert Veitch – was delivered on Thursday last week.

She moored alongside sister ship Auriga II in readiness for a celebration party.

Both vessels, completed by Campbeltown Shipyard for a total cost of £1m, are powered by Danish 575 hp Callesen engines. They are designed as seiner-trawlers and carry gutted shelters and Noriau winches. Over 300 guests celebrated the arrival of the vessel at the dinner last Friday

[picture Skipper Robert Veitch (left) and Skipper Jim Vanko].

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