Breakthrough Order for Campbeltown

This article, “Breakthrough Order for Campbeltown” was published in the Campbeltown Courier on 4th Sept 1987. This was at the time of the launch of the Defiant LK371 (Yard No. 79). Defiant was built for Skipper Magnus Stewart and Partners of Shetland in 1987. There is also mention of the contact to build a boat for Scarborough Skipper, Robert Mainprize (This would be the Maggie M MBE SH 170 – Yard No 81, launched the following year). We are grateful to Leslie Howarth for sharing this cutting with us. 

Following the launch on Monday of an 87-foot fishing boat from Campbeltown Shipyard, Managing Directer, Leslie K. Howarth announced ‘a breakthrough’ for the yard in the shape of another 1 million pound-plus order. The vessel launched today was a Campbeltown 87 built for Skipper Magnus Stewart and seven partners from Shetland. She was named the Defiant at a ceremony performed by the skipper’s ten year old daughter, Rachel. 

BREAKTHROUGH ORDER FOR CAMPBELTOWN. Campbeltown Courier 4th Sept, 1987. Courtesy of Leslie Howarth.

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