The demise of the Guardian Angell

Guardian Angell - Bobby Wylie

The Guardian Angell K535 (Yard No. 091) was built at Campbeltown Shipyard in 1992 for Balfour Bain and Partners of Kirkwall, Orkney. You can view Bobby Wylie’s photos of the Guardian Angell’s  launch here and of her sea trials in Campbeltown Loch here.

In 1999 she was sold to M J Henderson, M Ramsey, A L Arthur and G I Clark, of Yell, Shetland and re-registered as LK272. She changed ownership in 2003 to M J Henderson, M S Hoseason and L M Inkster, Yell. In 2005 she went to the Guardian Angell Fishing Co Ltd, Lerwick and ten years later, in 2015, she was acquired by Christopher Irvine, Ian Shearer, Malcolm Reid and James Johnson, Shetland, and the same year became the Courageous LK470 in the ownership of Courageous Fishing (Whalsay) Ltd, Lerwick. In 2020 she was re-registered LK90 and in 2021 she came into the ownership of SH90 Ltd [Daniel Normandale], Barton on Humber, and she was renamed and re-registered as the Njord SH90.

Sadly, on the 6th March 2022, the Njord foundered in the North Sea, 100 miles off Stavanger. Oil rig support vessel, Olympic Challenger, sent out a small boat to get the 8 crew members out of the water and 3 crew were air lifted by a Norwegian Rescue helicopter, however one of the crew later died in hospital having ingested diesel. 

You can read an article from the BBC at this link

Guardian Angell K535 (Yard no. 91) during her sea trials in Campbeltown Loch, 1992. Photo: Bobby Wylie.




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