Trawler Blaze – Peter M (Steadfast)

Disaster strikes for fisherman in the middle of the scallop season. Trawler Blaze blamed on spark from welder’s torch.

This newspaper cutting comes to us courtesy of Darren Purves. It was written by Sue Woolley for the Manx Independent, circa Feb. 1999. The Peter M. PL 25 was built at Campbeltown Shipyard in 1970 and was originally named Steadfast LH 90 (Yard No. 4). She was commissioned by John Horne of Eyemouth but is now in the Isle of Man You can read more about the Steadfast and what became of her here in a piece that Darren has written for us. 

Trawler blaze blamed on spark from welder’s torch – article by Sue Woolley published in the Manx Independent c. February 1999. (Peter M. formerly Campbeltown-built Steadfast). Courtesy of Darren Purves.

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