ON SEA-TRIALS – Crimson Arrow

This newspaper article was published by Campbeltown Courier on the 26th of February, 1970, and follows on from the launch of Campbeltown Shipyard’s first boat, The Crimson Arrow CN 30 (Yard No. 1), on the 18th February, 1970. The vessel was commissioned by a local Campbeltown Skipper, James MacDonald. 

The latest addition to the Campbeltown fishing fleet, Mr James McDonald’s 50 ft locally built stern trawler, the Crimson Arrow, underwent speed trials on Monday in Campbeltown Loch. At full engine power she clocked 8 and 1/2 knots – in poor weather conditions. 

She was formally accepted by the White Fish Authority and by her owner on Monday afternoon after various tests. Mr Leslie Howarth, the general manager of Campbeltown Shipyard Ltd, said that both Mr MacDonald and the White Fish Association were satisfied with the performance of the vessel.

On SEA TRIALS. (Crimson Arrow CN30), Campbeltown Courier, 26th February 1970. Photos – Angus Matin (tbc). Courtesy of Campbeltown Library

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