The Construction of the Maggie M MBE

Maggie M MBE - Sea Trials in Campbeltown Loch. Courtesy of Bobby Wylie.

We’re very grateful to Bob Maniprize of Scarborough for  allowing us to share this wonderful video of the construction of his boat, Maggie M MBE SH 170 (Yard no.81), which was built at Campbeltown Shipyard during 1987 – she was launched the following year. The video quality isn’t as great as it was originally recorded on VHS but the fact that it exists is amazing  and it is asset to this online archive.  It is a fantastic piece of documentation the boat building process at Campbeltown Shipyard. You can view the video of her launch here and a video of her sea trials here.

I’ll be working to get more of Bob’s footage online in due course so we have that to look forward to. 


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