Terra Nova – Article by Gloria Wilson

Terra Nova - photo courtesy of Gloria Wilson.

We are very grateful to Gloria Wilson for allowing us to share an article written by her for Fishing News about the Campbeltown-built Terra Nova A 219 (Yard No. 9), built forDennis Wilson of Aberdeen. The article was published on 10th March, 1972.

Gloria is a writer and artist who grew up in Surrey but who spent her childhood and teens in the Yorkshire fishing village of Staithes. She studied Fine Art at Durham University. Gloria has always had a great interest in the sea and boats and has written ten books:

Scottish Fishing Craft
More Scottish Fishing Craft
Scottish Fishing Boats
Fishing Boats of Whitby and District
An Eye on the Coast
Kindly Folk and Bonny Boats
Steadfast Boats and Fisher-People
Freshening Breezes
Forthright and Steadfast
Fishing Boats of Scotland

Her most recent book, Remembering the Boats, is due for publication shortly. Although Gloria lived in Scotland for some years she now lives and works in the north-east of England.

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Article by Gloria Wilson about Campbeltown-built Terra Nova – published in Fishing News on 10th March, 1972. Courtesy of Gloria Wilson.

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