Success Story – The Halcyon

The Halcyon - Yard No. 007 - on the shores of Lake Turkana, Kenya. Photo courtesy of Professor Ronald Roberts.

The Halcyon, is launched into the beautiful but inhospitable Lake Turkana:

There under the leadership of Campbeltown Marine engineer, John Carmichael, then working at the yard, the vessel was rebuilt by local labour and finally launched into the waters of Lake Turkana.

Campbeltown Courier c. 1971

This newspaper cutting comes to us courtesy of Leslie Howarth. “Success Story” was published in the Campbeltown Courier c.1971 and is about the Campbeltown-bulit tropical research vessel, Halcyon (Yard number 007). It tells the remarkable story of a vessel that is built at the yard and was then dismantled and transported to Kenya, where she was reassembled by a Campbeltown man, John Carmichael, who at that time, was working as an marine engineer at the yard.

The boat was built to carry out the last Bathymetric study of it’s type; a study of the world’s freshwater lakes, at Lake Turkana Kenya. Apart from this article, you can read more about the story of the Halcyon in an article written for us by Professor Ronald Roberts here

The management at the yard had a running joke where they almost convinced the Foreign and Commonwealth office, who commissioned her, that she was going to be named “James Bond” – her yard number was, after all, 007!

Success Story (about Halcyon – Yard No. 007) was published in the Campbeltown Courier c. 1971. Courtesy of Leslie Howarth.

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