Noddy Holder aboard the Arktos II

Noddy Holder aboard the Arktos II. Photo courtesy of Colin Murray.

We are grateful to Colin Murray, Skipper of the Campbeltown-built Arktos II KY 129 (Yard No. 45) for this photo. It’s a interesting piece of memorabilia, as it pictures Noddy Holder, lead singer of the pop group, Slade, aboard Colin’s boat. 

Noddy Holder was on Arktos II filming an advert (I think for Young’s Seafood). It was good fun!’ 

Colin Murray, Anstruther. 

We searched for the advert but as yet haven’t found it online so if anyone has any luck in finding let us know.

We are currently working on editing a video testimony with Colin and will also be adding more of his photos shortly.

Slade’s lead singer, Noddy Holder, aboard the Campbeltown-built Arktos II (Yard No. 45 – 1979). Photo courtesy of Colin Murray.

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