Maggie M MBE SH 170

Maggie M MBE - Photo Courtesy of Bobby Wylie.

I’m very grateful to Bob Maniprize of Scarborough for this wonderful video of the of his boat, Maggie M MBE SH 170 (Yard no.81), which was built at Campbeltown Shipyard in 1988. The video quality isn’t as great, as it was originally recorded on VHS, but it had been already digitised, which was a great help. I have converted the file and I have done what I could to improve the contrast and colour in Final Cut Pro. That said, I think that this video, is a fantastic piece of archive which captures all the joy, pride and sense of an achievement that embodied a boat launch at Campbeltown Shipyard. I challenge the viewer not to have a lump in their throat as they see the Maggie M MBE slip into Campbeltown Loch to the sound of the pipes.

I’ll be working to get more of Bob’s footage online in due course. Bob had the foresight to have the process of having his boat built documented, so we have that to look forward to. 

To view a video of the construction of the Maggie M MBE click here and a video of her sea trails click here.

Jan Nimmo

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