Kiloran – Success Story

Success Story

Last Friday afternoon was a highly significant day for Campbeltown Shipyard, with the launching of the first new boat from the yard for almost a year.

Not very long ago, the yard’s future looked bleak with problems over the Common Market’s fishing policy causing skippers to back away away from the decision to risk building new boats. However, with the European problems settled, confidence has been renewed in the industry, and as a result, the yard secured an order for this new vessel which was launched last week.

The boat, an 87  foot seine netter, was built for skipper Lorrant Andrews of Lossiemouth. Named Kiloran by the skipper’s wife, Mrs Margaret Andrews, she will replace an 80-foot boat of the same name built by the yard at Trench Point, Campbeltown, back in 1975 and originally called Emma Thomson.

The new Kiloran will be equipped exclusively for seine net fishing with deck gear by Lossie Hydraulics.

“This is the first seiner we have built for several years,” said the yard’s managing director, Mr Leslie K Howarth. “Most of the boats built recently have been equipped as seine/pair trawlers. However, Kiloran is structurally capable for taking trawl gear and it would be a comparatively simple operation to equip her for trawling if required in the future”.

Powered by a Deutz main engine developing 600 1,500 r.p.m. Kiloran is scheduled for completion in April.

She is owned by Skipper Andrews in partnership with J. Adams, J. Ralph and Arthur Duthie &Co. of Lossiemoth. And she is the second boat built at Campbeltown for Arthur Duthie &  Co in the space of six months.

Article published on March 11th, 1983 in the Campbeltown Courier. This cutting comes to us courtesy of Leslie Howarth. 

Article published in Friday 11th March, 1983, in the Campbeltown Courier. This cutting comes to us courtesy of Leslie Howarth. 

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