Drawings of the Boy Andrew WK 170

We are grateful to Bobby Wylie for this set of technical drawings. The plan, elevation and cross section are of the Boy Andrew WK 170 (Yard no. 74) which was commissioned by Andrew Bremner of Wick and built in 1986. Bobby Wylie, who was a boat designer, under Douglas McNaught, at Campbeltown Shipyard, was also the C.A.D. operator and worked on the design of “Boy Andrew”.

The Campbeltown 87′ boat design was customised to suit the fishing needs of each individual skipper. 

The original drawing of the Boy Andrew (yard no 074) was drawn by the late Tam Morris, the TAM in the drawn by box. This General Arrangement drawing shows the Boy Andrew arranged for seining and also automated Norwegian long line fishing (think it was Mustad system using thousands of hooks), although I don’t think she ever fished with the long lines.

Jim Smith

General arrangement drawing of the Boy Andrew WK 170 (Yard no. 74) – 1986.  Drawing Tam Morris. Courtesy of Bobby Wylie.

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