CSL Updated Employee List November 2019

Some ex-shipyard employees in Campbeltown - photo Jan Nimmo ©

At the beginning of the project I started making a list of names of employees who had worked at Campbeltown Shipyard during its lifespan at Trench Point, based on information we gathered from you, on the Facebook page. I’m grateful to Billy McLean who took the printed list away and filled in a lot of the blanks and also to Douglas McNaught, who has recently given us some missing names. It’s entirely possible that there are still some misspelt names, or inaccuracies, so I would like those of you who can see any errors or can fill in any missing blanks to get in touch and let me know by the end of November 2019. Many thanks in advance!

Jan Nimmo, Project Coordinator

Campbeltown Shipyard Employee names Job/s Description
Ali Anderson Engineer
Stuart Aitken Drawing Office
Anna Anderson Office
Davie Anderson Plater
Kenny Anderson Engineer
Robert Anderson Joiner
John Andrews Turner
Robert Auld Plater / welder
Tony Barnett Foreman welder
Lachie Black Welder
Peter Blackstock Engineer
Alasdair Blair Engineer
Chris Blair Plater
Dougie Blair Labourer
Tommy Blair
Frank Blake Estmating
Bobby Borthwick Joiner
Gerry Boyan Joiner
Jim Brechin Apprentice
Angus Brodie Engineer
Dee Brodie Plater
Kenny Brodie Plater
Sammy Brodie Lathe
Kenny Brown Plater
Ronnie Brown Electrician
Donald Cameron Drawing Office
Ewan Campbell Welder
son #1 Ian Campbell Joiner
father #1 John Campbell Plater
Scott Campbell
Margaret Carmichael Office
Russell Carole Electrician
John Carmichael Manager
Mark Catterson Joiner
Eric Chadderton Lathe
Colin Christie Plater
Michael Coates Plater
Archie Coffield Drawing Office
Martin Coffield Senior Plater
Andrew Colville Plater
Elspeth Colville (nee McKinlay) Office
Leslie Colville Loftsman
Willie Conley Plater
Dougie Cook Joiner
Malcolm Cook Painter
Robert Cresswell Plater / welder
Arto Crossan Plater / welder
Neil Cunningham Welder
Peter Cunningham Welder
Bobby Dalziel Engineer
Dave Davies Welder
Archie Deans Plater
David Dewar Engineer
Alistair Dick Office
Glen Dickie Plater
Quinton Dickie Drawing Office
Robert Dott Welder
Willie Downie Loftsman
son #2 George Duncan Welder
father #2 John Duncan Plater
Jeff Dunn Engineer
Jimmy Dunn Plater
Charlie Durnan Engineer
Dougie Elliot Lathe
Donald Fairgray Apprentice / Engineer
Billy Galbraith Engineer
Dan Galbraith Joiner
Tommy Galbraith Plater
Stuart Gibb Engineer
Kevan Gilchrist Welder
Donald Gillies Plater
Derek Goodge (?) Plater
Tom Granville Engineer
Archie Greenlees Joiner
Ronnie Grumoli Electrician
Bobby Hamilton Labourer
Malcolm Hamilton Shipwright
John Harrison
Norman Harrogate Welder
Raymond Hart Apprentice / Plater
Phil Hayman Engineer
son #3 Iain Hill Welder
son #3 Ralph Hill Jnr Joiner
father #3 Ralph Hill Senior Chargehand / Foreman welder
Ian Hood Plater
Leslie Howarth Draughtsman and MD
Davie Howell (?) Engineer
Malcolm Innes First Floor Office
Hamish Jackson Plater
Alex Johnson Storeman
Archie Johnstone Foreman Engineer
brother #4 Duncan Johnston (?) Painter
Richard Johnstone Welder
brother #4 Roy Johnston (?) Painter
Stephen Kelly Joiner
Tommy Kennedy Joiner
Dan Kerr Office
Jock Kerr Foreman Plater and Welder
Tony Kemp Labourer
Bruce Keyte Engineer
George Kirk Joiner
John Lang Brown Plater
Jan Lay Engineer
Jimmy Leitch Loftsman
Jimmy McLean Painter
Mari McAlister Office
Martin McAlister
Stewart McAllister Naval Architect
Archie McArthur Joiner
Donald McArthur Engineer
Karen McArthur Office
Tom McArthur Foreman
Duncan McAuley Welder
Neil McAuley/MacCaully? Plater
Dougie McCallum Welder
Ian McCallum Plater
Jimi McCalllum Plater’s mate
Jimmy McCallum Welder
twin #5 John MacCallum Plater
Ned McCallum Labourer
Peter MacCallum Plater
twin #5 William MacCallum Engineer
Adam McClelland Director and Works Manager
Neil McCormick Plater
father #6 John McCormack Joiner
son #6 Wilma McCormick Office
Evan McCowan Plater
Jim McCutcheon Office store
Gus McDonald Welder
Alistair McGeachy Plater
Archie McGeachy
brother #7 David McGeachy Engineer
Danny McGeachy Plater
brother #7 Jimmy McGeachy Engineer
brother #7 Ian McGeachy Engineer
Joan McGeachy Office
Martin McGeachy
Neil McGeachy Painter
Robert McGeachy Profile burner
Alan McGillvary Welder
Alan McGougan Welder
Harry McGuire Profile burner
Duncan McGougan Plater
John McGown Chargehand / Fitter
Robin McGown Plater
George McGregor Drawing Office
Duncan McIntosh Plater
Hazel McIntyre Officer
John McIntyre Joiner
Willie McIntyre Plater
Alistair Mackenzie Plater
Willie Mackenzie Plater
Davy McKerral Labourer
Ian McKerral Apprentice engineer
Dougie McKinnon Plater
Jack McKinven Painter
Willie McKinven Storeman
David McKillop Joiner
George McLachlan Plater
John McLatchie Engineer
father #8 Billy McLean Plater
son #8 Bobby McLean Plater
Cameron McLean Engineer
Jean McLean Office
son #8 Jimmy McLean Painter
Johnnie Mclean Apprentice / Plater
Neil McLean Painter
Donnie McLellan Joiner
Calum MacMillan Plater
Charlie McMillan Thames
David McMillan Draughtsman
Kenny McMillan Engineer
John MacMillan Plater
Willie McMillan Plater
Ian McMurchie/McMurchy? Plater
father #9 Graham McNally Plater
son #9 Ronnie McNally Foreman Lofstman
Douglas McNaught Draughtsman
David McNaughton Plater’s mate
James McNaughton Engineer
John McNaughton Joiner
father #10 Donald McPhee Plater
son #10 John McPhee Plater
Charlie McPherson Engineer
Ewan McPherson Storeman
Peter McPherson Plater
Peter McPherson Electrician
Tommy McPherson Engineer
Brian McShannon Engineer
Duncan McSporran
brother #11 Billie McTaggart Welder
brother #11 Jamie McTaggart Welder
Davie McWhirter Plater
father #12 Archie Mathieson Plater
son #12 Lee Mathieson Plater
Alan Martin Mould Plater
Charlie Martin Plater
Donald Martin Joiner
Jamie Martin Plater
Peter Martin Engineer
brother #13 Terry Meacham Welder
brother #13 Tony Meacham Welder
Danny Mitchell Plater
Stuart Mitchell Engineer
Jan Mohammad Plater
Campbell Maloney Welder
John Marrison Engineer
Ernie Mitchell Grinder
Alistair Moffat Office
twin #14 Billy Morran Welder
brother #14 Donnie Morran
Duncan Morran
twin #14 Tommy Morran Plater
John Munro Storeman
Eddie Morans Plater
Tam/Tom Morris Drawing Office
Andy Muir Welder
George Nelson Plater
George Nixon Welder
Norman O’May Welder
Anne Ogilvie (nee McArthur) Office
Ian Paton Drawing Office
Andy Parker Painter
Neil Parker
Willie Paterson Plater
Ian Paton Naval Architect
Trevor Perkins Manager / Production
Alex Pollack Engineer
brother #15 Neil Pope Plater
brother #15 Tony Pope Joiner
Dick Potts Plater
Michelle Reid Office
Brian Robertson Engineer
Duncan Robertson Welder
Lawrence Robertson Plater
Jackie Robertson Welder
Dougie Rose Plater
John Shannon Managing Director
Archie Sharp Draughtsman
Wilma Shaw / McLaughlin Office
Lenny Shields Joiner
Fraser Silcock Office
Jim Smith Draughtsman / Technical Manager
father #16 Andrew Sloss Plater
son #16 Willie Sloss Sheet metal
Alex Soudan Engineer
George Stewart Painter
Norman Stewart Plater
father #17 Jamie Stimson Engineer
son #17 Peter Stimson Plater
Alec Soudan Engineer
David Tod Engineer
Pete Todd Welder
Alan Tolmie Joiner
Peter Tolmie Foreman joiner and painter
Duncan Townsley Plater
Raymond Waggett Electrician
Jim Wallace Estimator
Ian Wardrobe Engineer
Mary Wareham Office
Duncan Watson Engineer
Stanley Watson Welder
Jim Westerman Plater
Campbell Wilkinson Labourer
Jim Williamson Plater
Alex Wilson Joiner
father #18 David Wilson Plater
son #18 Gordon Wilson Plater
Robert Wilson Plater
Stephen Wilson Naval Architect
Tony Wilson Engineer
Dave Wyke Plater
Bobby Wylie Drawing Office
son #19 Dougie Wylie Joiner
father #19 Wallace Wylie Joiner (wooden decks for the boats)
Charles Young Smith? Grinder / Plater

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