Campbeltown Shipyard – Getting Better All The Time

The once threatened Campbeltown Shipyard’s change of fortunes continues, with the news that a further two orders have been signed for Campbeltown-built fishing boats, and a number of other encouraging enquiries are in the pipeline.

This article is from the Campbeltown Courier and comes to us courtesy of Leslie Howarth. We think it was published in 1984 because it talks about an order for Lossiemouth skipper, Ronald Main whose boat, the Karen Anne INS 61 (Yard No. 68) was ordered to built at the yard and finished for late 1984 or very early 1985. The article shows a picture of the record-breaking Kiloran INS 10 (Yard No. 63), which was built in Campbeltown for Lorant Andrews of Lossiemouth in 1983.

Getting better all the time – article published about Campbeltown Shipyard in Campbeltown Courier, c. 1984. Courtesy of Leslie Howarth.

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